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  • Approx 12 weeks
  • Huntaway /Collie x
  • Fostered in Waipu

Lumi meaning light-bringer. A fitting name for this little girl who's sure to bring lots of light into your life!

 Gentle, loving and curious. Never says no to belly pats.

Lumi loves her Teddies! She has a good ol time running around chucking them in the air , she has a basket of them inside to pick from..spoilt! But it takes her mind off her slipper stealing fetish

We discovered that Lumi is a water baby!! Even tries to take off with the hose to catch the water while its going Stoked as these days are warming up so much lately!

Lumi,s story is below:

Hi my name is Lumi and I arrived into this big world with my brothers and sisters. When I was about 5 weeks old a human came and took us all from our mumma and put us in a box and went to meet a lady. I heard him tell her we were 8 weeks old and he left us.

I was one of the smallest along with my brother Ora...I didn't feel too good and I missed my mumma so I snuggled up to my siblings.

Then I heard a lady saying she would take us all on a trip to a place they call the Sanctuary..and when we got there I remember a voice saying "That one doesn't look too good" and it was me as they lifted me up and then the most wonderful thing happened she whispered in my ear as she cuddled me in close to her "Don"t you worry we are going to take good care of you little babies"

I got very sick and they took me to the vet where I had to stay for while and my brother Ora had to come to the same place and stay for a long while as he got very sick and my new mumma said he may not be coming home so she prayed and it must have worked as he soon came back to us.

When we returned to the sanctuary our Foster Mumma looked after us and then one day she said we were going on another journey and little did I know it was going to be so much fun. So my new Foster Mumma was so lovely and there was another big human we called our Foster Dad and then there were some little humans living with them and they called them their children...well I love those children they are so much fun to play with. They teach me lots of things and they take me for walks on a lead so I'm getting to leaning and get to socialise with all these humans. I get so many cuddles from the family ...they give me teddies to play with and I get a little bit spoilt...but don't tell anyone!!!!

I love the water and Im learning to go to the toilet outside and Im so clever as I'm crate trained.

My two sisters Maggie, Molly and my brother Ora have found their forever homes and I'd like to stay here forever but my Foster Mumma said she loves me but she needs to help me find a forever home so she can rescue more puppies who may need help......I really want to have a family like this one that I can love and call my own. So if you think I might just be the perfect match for you please please go to the website and fill a form and put my name LUMI at the top. Then you come and visit me and see how lovely I am. My wish is to wake up each day with my very own family to love....

Love always


Lumi 4.jpeg
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