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  • Female.
  • Approx age 18 months
  • Currently fostered in Cromwell

Mila is currently fostered in Central Otago. Approximately 2years old and possibly Whippet x breed. Registered, Vaccinated, Desexed. She is a very friendly and calm natured dog, great with visitors, has happily spent time around young children, and is good with other dogs when introduced properly. She’s highly motivated by food so any further training will be easy. Mila is VERY fast, and loves a good sprint and once she is tired, returns to your side. She is also crate, and toilet trained Mila walks very well on lead, however will require ongoing training to manage her reactions to other dog’s while walking, and we are happy to help with this ongoing training. Mila has a good recall and responds best to a strong male voice. She loves to cuddle on the couch in the evening and we often refer to it as her turning into a puddle of water when she does cuddle

Mila 5.jpeg
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