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  • Male. Approx age 6 months
  • Cross breed 
  • Currently fostered in Auckland 

Hi there my name is Ruki and I am almost  6months old.

I have been staying at the sanctuary where I have been learning to trust my human foster parents, as I came into the shelter very weary of  humans and I was so very scared  of the other dogs too.

I have learnt to come to my name, however I sometimes am a little timid to approach my humans. I must  say though once I have had  a cuddle I just can't get enough ...just love those things called cuddles.

 I am a really friendly, easy going kinda guy cause I get along with all the dogs that live here, the large ones and the small ones that makes me a pretty well socialised kinda guy!!! I also get to hang out with the cats…one of them picks on me, he is old and grumpy so I keep away from him! I have lots of friends here at my foster home ,chickens , ducks, cows and a lamb who thinks he is a dog because he is always running round playing with us!

I have mastered the art of walking along quietly with a lead on.

I'm the tidiest dog in my crate and I wait till I can get outside to go to the toilet.

Not sure how big I will grow as I’m only  around 6 months old so I guess I’ve got a bit more growing to do and really not sure what breed I am I think I’m a bit of a mixture to tell the truth a bit of a cocktail !!!

I need to find my forever home so if you think I might be the perfect fit with you then check out the website and just fill an adoption form out and foster mumma will contact you

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