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  • Female. Age 13 weeks
  • Currently fostered in Whangarei

Summer is a beautiful laid back puppy who loves to cuddle up with a teddy bear for a nap. She is a very fast learner and is doing well with her toilet training, she can go toilet on command most of the time too. Summer knows to sit on command and will sit and wait for her food also, she is learning lie down, learning the touch command and is now working on look. Summer is a lovely quiet pup who loves all humans and is a very keen learner. She is fostered in a home with children, cats and a dog. She shows no real interest in cats so far and she's happy with other dogs. Summer is a sweet natured puppy who loves to check in with her people often and will give thank you cuddles after every meal. She enjoys her crate for sleeping and will happily go in her crate as she pleases Summer would be a beautiful addition to an awesome family.


To apply to adopt Summer, contact us today.

Summer 3.jpeg
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