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  • Male 
  • Collie, Heading Dog x
  • Approx age 10 months

Arlo’s time was up so a Wandering Angels Rescue foster took him in and this is what she has to say.

Arlo is a playful ,funny, young guy with a huge love for his human.  This love of being with a human comes before food or exploring and he likes nothing better than to sit at your feet leaning into you for lots of pats and chest rubs. 

Arlo has been fostered on a large lifestyle block over the last 5 months with plenty of room to run and play with the resident dogs.  He will walk nicely at heel when asked, sits for a treat and waits while I fill his feed bowl. He has a great recall and will come straight away when I call him and he will check in with me regularly.

Arlo has a deep bark, is very alert and will try to round up the other dogs.  He could make a useful working farm dog.   He is fearful of strangers and strange objects and needs to be introduced thoughtfully.  As he is still growing and maturing further training and socialization would be beneficial to build his confidence and bring out the best in him.  He is going to be a big boy.

If you can offer Arlo the attention and active lifestyle he needs, and you have experience of high energy b/collies and their needs you would love this youngster.

To meet Arlo and find out more about this engaging young fella contact us today.

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