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Fergie | Approx 6 months | Terrier x | Currently Fostered in Whangarei

As her name reflects this girl is a princess at heart! She is person and relationship driven! Snuggles and attention from her people is a huge driver for Fergie! She is a small lap dog at heart and will find a way to turn every interaction into a cuddle opportunity.

Fergie enjoys learning and doing thing things - though she is a bit reserved and will happily observe from the comfort of your side initially. She is my shadow!!

Fergie has great child and cat manners. She has a special relationship with one of our cats Felix who she just loves!

Fergie knows sit, wait, and come. She has good off leash recall. And will listen well - especially if you have kibble!

Fergie has grown up with our two big dogs and has good dog manners. Though she prefers the company of her people.

Fergie does have a grass allergy but this is week managed with anti histamines during a flare up.

Fergie is well versed at bath time and is super patient. She’s still learning and growing in confidence. She’s always so gentle with the cats n kids. We are taking her out more, she goes to school drop off

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