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Female | Approx 9 months | Beardie x

Meet Jazzy, estimated age 9 months to a year, breed beardie x. A timid wee girl who has come into our care. When she first arrived, she was scared and malnourished, making it difficult for her to trust humans and other dogs. But with time and patience, she has blossomed into a loving and cuddly companion who adores her humans.

Jazzy has also been socialised with other dogs and gets along well with all of them now. She especially loves snuggling up to the puppies, melting hearts with her gentle nature. While she is still learning about socialising with dogs, she has been wonderful with the other dogs at the sanctuary. She is learning food is available and she doesn't need to resource guard her food and she is now eating alongside the other dogs with supervision. She also lives alongside cats and stock, and seems to be fine with them. However, she does have a bit of a chicken-chasing instinct, so caution is needed in that regard.

Jazzy is in need of love and support as she continues to build her confidence. She is looking for a loving family who can provide her with the care and attention she deserves. If you're someone who would like to help her on her journey to trust and confidence in humans, Jazzy would be forever grateful. She has made great progress so far, and with your love and guidance, she will continue to thrive.

Let's spread the word and find Jazzy the perfect forever home. Together, we can help her build her trust and confidence, one paw at a time. 🐾💕

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