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Male| 10 months | Rotweiller x |Fostered in Waipu

Meet Milo, the incredible pup who has overcome so much!
When we found Milo at 11 weeks old he was injured and living with his siblings outside in the terrible weather. It broke our hearts to see him in pain, so we immediately took him in and rushed him to the vet for the care he desperately needed. It took some time, for Milo to heal as he had a badly fractured leg but Milo's determination and resilience paid off, and now he's larger than life!

At 9 months old, Milo has grown into a big boy who takes after his Rottweiler mum. He's the life of the party, always ready for some fun and adventure. Milo absolutely adores running with the other dogs and gets along with every furry friend he meets. If there's a game of zoomies going on, you can bet that Milo will be right in the middle of it, wagging his tail with pure joy!

But Milo isn't just about playtime. He's a cuddle bug too! He loves nothing more than snuggling up with his favorite humans and showering them with love. Milo is also a quick learner, already mastering basic commands and recall. He's such a smart boy!

Living with cows, cats, lambs, and chickens, Milo has proven to be quite the gentle giant. He gets along well with the cats, although sometimes he forgets just how big and clumsy he is. But that's part of his charm!

If you're a fan of big, brindle dogs, Milo is the one for you. He's a sweet and loving boy who deserves a forever home. All his siblings have found their people, and now it's Milo's turn. Let's find him the loving family he deserves!
Milo will be registered ,microchipped ,desexed and vaccinated

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