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Male | Approx age 2 years | Border collie x | Currently fostered in Waipu

Hi my name is buddy Paige shared her story with you all last week and now it's my turn.

My story started when I was very young and a beautiful human found me in the forest or actually on the outskirts of the forest by the road. She picked me up and decided to call me Pine after the pine trees that I was found amongst.

She took me home and searched to find my owner but everyone says they think I was dumped way out in the middle of nowhere so she never found my owner.

Anyway, I was so very lucky as this lovely human took such good care of me and I really loved her ...she was just the best.....

One day she took me for a drive to meet lady at the Wandering Angels Animal Sanctuary and she told me I would be loved and have lots of friends....I didn't really know why I had to be here because I really loved my home...

The lady came out to meet us and my mumma cried and gave me lots of cuddles and she left me there...I couldn't help but think maybe I had been naughty but then my new mumma said she felt very sad for me because she could see that my mumma who found me really loved me but her husband had said if she doesn't get rid of me ..he would get his gun and I would be gone!!!

So my mumma who had saved me was saving me again.

Im very well socialised with all the dogs here and my foster mum says I have great recall.

I'm good on a lead and generally love to go for walks. I love my cuddles with my humans so would love to find a human to cuddle me and call me their own.

I am desexed, vaccinated and registered

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