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Male | Approx 4 to 5 months | Catahoula x

his adorable Catahoula x pup, along with his three siblings and their mom, recently came to our rescue from a pound. They were found abandoned on a remote road, but luckily, they ended up in our care.

Although they have the most loving temperaments, they were initially very scared of humans and didn't want to leave their enclosure during the first week. However, as time went by, they have become more confident and are now full of adventure, enjoying every moment of exploring their surroundings.

Topaz, in particular, has a quiet temperament and is gradually getting used to human cuddles. He is starting to love his cuddles and is slowly opening up to the idea of socialising with other dogs.

While he is crate trained, Topaz still requires a lot of training. But don't worry, he's a clever boy and very gentle! With the right guidance and patience, we believe he has the potential to become an amazing companion.

We are reaching out to our wonderful community for help! If you have experience in dog training or are willing to lend a helping hand, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in shaping Topaz into the best version of himself.

Let's give Topaz the chance he deserves to grow into a well-rounded and happy pup. Together, we can provide him with the love, care, and training he needs to thrive. If you're interested in adopting or fostering Topaz, please reach out to us.

Thank you for your support, and let's help Topaz embark on his journey to a forever home filled with love and adventure

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