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Female | Approx 7 weeks (available at 8 weeks 27/01/24) Lab/staffy x’s Yeti the Quiet One of the Chilly Bon Kids ! I need your help please !
I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm one of the fluffy little girls from the Chilly Bin Kids, and I have a confession to make... I'm a little shy at first.
But hey, that's just part of my charm!
They called me Yeti no w apparently it means a mountain animal made of snow, that’s not me I’m a fluffy floppy eared puppy not sure what breed maybe lab Staffyx could be a little collie in there who knows but I’m called Yeti because Inwas found with my siblings in a Chilly Bin by the river!
Luckily, I got rescued, and here at seven weeks old. I'm not sure what my mum and dad are because I can't remember! I just remember thinking we are all alone and where are our humans? I mean, aren't you supposed to look after us babies?
While my siblings are busy running around and playing, you'll often find me snuggled up in my cozy bed. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love to play too! But there's something about a snuggly bed that makes me feel safe and warm. It's my little haven where I can lie down and dream about life with a forever family. No more chilly bins for me!
I cherish my sleep time because, well, I'm a little bit of a chilled puppy. It's during these quiet moments that I imagine what it would be like to have a loving family of my own!
Oh and by the way I’m crate trained and really need a little bit of help with my toilet training and I know I have lots to learn so looking for someone who will put the time in to train me !
Anyway, life has taken a turn, and we are all alive and looking for a family to love. My sister has found a home and once we are all past eight weeks we will be able to go to our forever homes!
I’m currently in Waipu but we may be going into foster families soon so will keep you posted !
I'd love a family of my own, so if you think I might be the one for you, please fill out an adoption form or share my story far and wide. Your help could make a huge difference in finding me a loving home. Thanks for reading my story!
Your lovingly
Little Yeti . xxx

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