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The following information will assist us in determining what type of adoption may best suit you. By filling in this form, you are not making a final commitment to adopt and Wandering Angels Animal Sancuary is not accepting this application as an adoption agreement.

The following form helps us to gather the required information to begin the adoption process.

We understand we are asking a lot of questions, but always keep in mind, rescue pups have usually not had the best start in life so we want to ensure that their second chance is going to provide them with the best possible life.

*Please ensure you complete the required fields


Do you own or rent your home?
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Are you planning to move house in the next 12 months? (Including if you are on a fixed term tenancy that terminates within 12 months?


(dog adoptions)

For your application to be considered a property check will need to be completed. Wandering Angels Animal Sanctuary will work with you to do this. The following are our standard requirements for dog adoptions:

  • Your home must have a safe, fenced-in area to keep your dog contained within

  • There must be a proper shelter for your dog if left outside during any part of the day. Note:  If you are adopting an animal under 3 months old, they must not be left outside unsupervised.

What kind of pet are you interested in that best suits your lifestyle?
How often will you walk your pet (if relevant)

Do you currently have any other pets? If so,

Are they desexxed?
Are their vaccinations up to date?
Is your section fully fenced and secure?
Do you plan on attending any training classes? (if relevant)
Do you intend to vaccinate and keep council registrations up to date?
In an emergency, can you fund a vet bill?
Would you consider getting pet insurance?

Please provide the details of a referee who you would be happy with us contacting. They must not be a family member.

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