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We get a lot of questions about why adopting from a rescue seems like such a long, and sometimes tough process.​


We need people to remember, that the animals that arrive at our rescue, do so on many occasions because they have been let down by their previous owners. 

It is our job to make sure we do the best we can to ensure that when we re-home a dog or other animal, that we are setting the dog and the new family up for the best chances of success. Here are some responses to some of our most frequently asked questions and comments about adopting a dog.

1. Why do I have to fill in so much information. There are other ways to get dogs so much easier?

As we mention above, these dogs haven't had the best start to life so it is our job as a rescue to ensure we screen all potential applicants to make sure we are giving the animal the best chance in their new home. Some of the big issues with why people end up having to give up pets, is because they haven't thought about the long term implications of pet ownership and their circumstances change. We just want to make sure you and the dog (or animal) are the best match for each other for the long term commitment you are signing up for.

2. How do I know the dog I am adopting will fit in with my family if it's had a bad start to life?

This is why when dogs arrive at the rescue we take the time we need to rehabilitate them, get them checked by vets and let them spend time with fosterers until we feel they are ready to be permanently re-homed.

It will take your dog some time to get adjusted to their new home no matter their age, breed or previous upbringing. A good thing to remember is lots of dogs will follow 'Triple 3' rule while they settle in to their new home:

-3 days of feeling overwhelmed and nervous
-3 weeks of settling in
-3 months of building trust and bonding with you
Give your dog time and remember, we are always available to answer any questions. We love to hear how our rescued wandering angels are doing.

3. Why do you need to come to my property?

We need to make sure the property is safe and secure for the dog. We check for things like secure, adequate fencing that larger dogs can't jump, or areas where small puppies call fall from heights and injure themselves. You'll find all the things we are looking for in our adoption form.

4. What if I don't live in the area where the dog is fostered?

We do have dogs fostered all over New Zealand so please reach out if you are interested. Please note, we still require the adoption process to be followed so we would have to make arrangements with potential applicants on a case by case basis.

5. I have applied to adopt but haven't heard back?

Please be aware that we operate with the help of volunteers who have regular jobs, families and other commitments. We try our best try respond to any communication as quickly as we can but please be understanding that sometimes, things get very busy and it can take some time. If you haven't been 

6. Why wasn't I successful with my adoption application?

Unfortunately, in some cases we get a lot of applications for one dog. In these cases we need to screen applicants and applications to see who we feel is going to be the best fit for the dog based on our experience with them while they were with us. But please keep an eye on our page as we always have lots of dogs looking for homes. Always make sure you fill out the adoption form thoroughly and correctly so we are better placed to find you a good match.

Please note; your application will not be considered if you do not meet the criteria in the form.

7. I want to adopt a dog I saw you post on Facebook, I don't need to come look at it, we already know it's the right dog for us.

Unfortunately, we need to ensure our rescue dogs and potential new families do a meet and greet to help assess whether we feel you'll be a good match. It is part of the service we run and it assists us with trying to ensure dogs go into the most suitable new homes.

8. How do I know the dog will be good with my other animals?

We have a lot of other animals at our sanctuary, and many of our fosterers have children or other pets. Please make sure you inform us about other animals in your home so we can best match you with a dog that will adjust well in your current family.

9. What if I adopt a dog and it doesn't work out?

This is why we are very thorough and ask lots of questions and have lots of requirements during the adoption process, so we can do our best to ensure we get a good match. Unfortunately, sometimes things don't work out and we encourage you to contact us in the first instance if this is the case.

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