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  • Female
  • Approx Age: 6 months
  • Breed : Mixed Breed
  • Currently fostered in Whangarei

My name is Fleur and here is what my Foster Mum has to say about me .

 She is sharp as a tack. Fluer is nearly 14kg. She has all her adult teeth. Fleur is an unknown pound mix - we expect English bull terrier, staffy x, whippet combo. She is 35cm to the shoulder and is building muscle- and has a solid short/stocky staffy type build but with slightly longer legs. She has a typically whippet hind leg and tail stance. Fluer has a more staffy head, and the staffy smile. Fluer is very intelligent, She has taught herself how to use both our cat doors (even the one that’s tiny and actually not dog sized). Fluer has great social skills - with dogs and humans. She has respect for children.

Fluer has a great play drive, she displays lots of positive play interactions with her sister and our big dogs. She is quick to respond in play showing submissive and dominant sides of her character. Fluer is highly food and praise driven. She is quick thinking and enjoys challenges where food is involved. I believe she would be an amazing agility or assistance type dog. She can maintain focus and has shown she can quickly figure out things I set up for her. Like hiding food in towels, boxes or cups. Fluer is showing signs of being loyal and is alert to her surroundings. She is guard barking at our gate. Fluers recall is getting better. Fleur dose have a prey drive - and has chased and caught one of our chickens. And while she is very good with our cats (we have 4) I’d expect new cats would need to be introduced carefully. She responds well to a dominant structure in the house and will happily “be in the middle of the pack” and follow our lead and when we have to correct her she will submit quickly and shows caution with you afterward to show she has learnt from the situation.

I am vaccinated and will be desexed  

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