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  • Male
  • Mum was a Catahoula x 
  • Approx age 5 months

Hi my name is Gunnar and I'm estimated to be about 5 months old and let me tell you I'm so lucky to be 5 months old as I'm the sole survivor of parvo virus  along with my beautiful mumma.

Sadly my brothers  and sisters didnt make it . My foster mumma fought like crazy to  save my siblings and the vets were there all the way, so I guess I have all of them to thank and I can celebrate growing up into a beautiful dog .

My foster mum is always telling me I'm beautiful.

They named me Gunnar as it is of Scandanavian origin and it means Brave and Bold, Fighter, Warrior.

I guess you could say that's me as Foster MUmma said I was so very sick they thought I may not make it but I surprised them all!

My real mum is a catahoula x and a very loving quiet temperament ...

I am a confident young man who is quite confident playing with the bigger dogs at the sanctuary my foster brothers and sisters.

I am very well socialised with all ages and sizes of dogs, cats ,cows,goats and a sheep. I do sometimes chase the chickens and my foster mum calls me so I always head back to her side but oh its so tempting to chase the feathered birdies...but I do get in a spot if bother as foster mum doesn't always smile and say Im a good boy if I chase those feathered things, so wondering if its not really worth it.

Im still learning basic commands as I was in quarantine for a long while and was very sick so I have to catch up but my foster mum is teaching me that at the moment.

I am crate trained but secretly I love snuggling up to my foster mumma thats so much fun 

If you think you'd like to come and meet me and see how friendly and cuddly I really am just fill out an adoption form

To apply to adopt Gunnar , contact us today.

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