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Female | Approx 2 years | German Shepherd x

Meet Amelia, the lovable German Shepherd x rescue dog who has been at the sanctuary for almost a year now. Amelia was once in the pound at the end of 2022, but she is now looking for a family of her own to call home. 🏡

Amelia is a large dog who can jump high fences, but she prefers to stay close to your side. She is great at socializing with humans and other dogs at the sanctuary, has excellent recall, and knows basic commands. She loves running free and hanging out with her humans, and she enjoys trips to the beach with her pack buddies.

While Amelia tolerates cats at the sanctuary, she may chase them if they run. However, with proper management, she can coexist peacefully with them. Amelia has been in the orphanage life for a good year and a half, so finding her a loving home would be a dream come true for her.

If you have a secure area for Amelia to run and play, and you can give her the love and attention she craves, then she could be the perfect companion for you. She is a good girl who loves cuddles and human company, and she is always willing to help new dogs learn good habits at the beach.

Let's help Amelia find her forever home. If you are interested in adopting this sweet and loving girl, please reach out to the sanctuary. Together, we can make sure that Amelia gets the happy ending she deserves.

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