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Female | Approx 1 year | Beardie Border Collie x | Currently fostered in Waipu

Introducing the incredible Beardie X Border Collie! 🐾

This adorable furball is just 9 months old and bursting with energy and enthusiasm! Whether it's playing fetch or going for long walks, this pup is always up for an adventure.

What sets this furry friend apart is her impeccable manners! She never jumps up or knocks into you, making her the perfect companion for any occasion. Plus, her gentle nature makes her fantastic with children, even the smallest ones!

Let's talk about her intelligence! This clever pup is super trainable and always eager to learn new tricks. She's never nipped or bitten, proving just how well-behaved she is.

Although she hasn't quite mastered her herding skills yet, she's a little wary of cows but always curious to explore.

If you're looking for a furry friend who's full of energy, polite, great with kids, and always ready to learn, look no further than this amazing Beardie X Border Collie Missy.
She'll bring endless joy and love into your life. ❤️

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