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Female |Approx 9 months | Mixed Breed

Hi, I’m Missy. I’m an approximately 9 months old mixed breed. I’m a recent arrival here, at the sanctuary.
And you know what? I’m one of those incredibly emotionally perceptive dogs.
It’s true. I’ve only been here a few weeks, but, already, I’ve built GREAT trust in my foster mum.
She felt a little sad last night and - as she had a cry - I licked her tears, while resting my head on her lap.
My foster mum said, “Missy, you really put the sparkle back in my day tonight.”
And I’m glad about that. You know what? I’m tickled pink to be in this place.
When I arrived here, I was a little overwhelmed and a bit reactive with the dogs. So much hustle and bustle.
My foster mum moved me to a quieter area, with a lovely pack of canines, and I’m doing GREAT!
Currently, I spend my days outdoors, stuck to my foster mum’s side, while she does her chores.
My gentle nature and openness to experiencing new things constantly wows her.
I recently met the resident cow and we touched noses.
I’ve also met the lamb, chickens – and even Karen the pig!
There’s so much of interest here. I’m intrigued by everything.
My foster mum just keeps an eye on me and, she knows, if I’m exploring a little too long, she only needs to call my name.
I’ll come trotting over to her immediately.
I haven’t had much life experience yet, but so far, I’m doing well.
I’ve been introduced to many different sized doggies – cats too, under full supervision.
My foster mum says I’m a VERY inquisitive girl – affectionate too.
It’s true! Plus, I’m very tentative and keen to please her – always checking in on how she’s doing.
She thinks maybe one day, once I’ve been out there in the world - learning about and meeting new people – I’d make a wonderful therapy dog.
I haven’t met children yet, but my foster mum says I’m going from strength to strength. She’s VERY proud of me.
In fact, she thinks it’s about time she puts her feelers out for my ideal humans.
My foster mum says I deserve loving kind people, who will invest the time into training and encouraging me to learn about the big wide world.
She wanted me to let you know I’ve been spayed and had my first round of vaccinations.
So, if you’ve read about me and you’re as WOWED as my foster mum is

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