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Male | Approx 14 months | Breed Border Collie x | Fostered in Whangarei

Panda is a 16-month-old Border Collie X male dog.
Panda has a loving nature, is friendly, and inquisitive, and just wants to be around his human 24/7.
He might be a bit nervous, i.e. licking his lips, to start with until he gets to know you and becomes more confident.
He is a medium – high energy dog so will need daily exercise of 1 – 2 hours. This can be broken into ½ hour sessions and can include throwing a ball or toy for him to retrieve, playing tuggy, a half
– 1 hour long walk, exploring and scenting, heel work and training.
Panda has been living on a large lifestyle block with my three resident dogs and loves curling up together with them when resting.
He is used to living inside, is crate trained and sleeps right through the night. He also has a large outside sheltered, well-fenced area where he can relax during the day. He will make a great
companion dog for an active person who is home during the day as he does not like being left alone for long periods. He has a great nose and loves scenting and exploring and can forget his recall if he gets onto a rabbit trail but will return when he is ready.
He is submissive with a dominant dog but should be introduced thoughtfully to strange dogs and people.
If you are looking for a second dog, Panda would love another dog to play with in his forever home. No cats or stock as he has a high prey drive.
Panda has learned to walk well on a lead but tends to pull to get to something of interest.
His training is always positive and reinforced with praise, pats and treats, but he is headstrong and can be stubborn so will need an experienced owner who will set and maintain firm boundaries to bring out the best in him.
This should become easier as he matures.
Commands he knows: sit, wait, come, mat, touch, no, leave it, drop it, back, off, up, walking, quiet, outside.
I also use hand signals with these commands with can be useful.
It is important that you have the time and commitment to continue with his training, daily exercise and socialisation so that he is well behaved in public areas. There are basic domestic dog training classes that
you can enrol in to help you to achieve these goals with your dog.
Panda has been de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated, flea and worm treatments kept up to date.

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