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Terms & Conditions for Foster Applications

The below terms and conditions must be agreed upon in order to process your application to become a fosterer for Wandering Angels Animal Sanctuary. The following is included at the end of the online application form and upon agreeing to the terms within your application form, you will be able to submit your application for review. Failure to agree to the terms set out below will mean your application cannot be submitted at this time.

I/ We and any member of my family have never been subject to a formal complaint or legal action for cruelty or neglect of any animals and have never owned animals that have been confiscated by any agency for violations of any laws regulations or animal adoption agreements.

I/ We understand that this application does not ensure that I/we will be approved to foster for Wandering Angels Animal Sanctuary and failure to comply with the requirements of this application will result in the forfeiture of any animal rescue animal fostered by me.

I/we give our full assurance that all dogs/cats that are in foster care on the property will be sleeping inside my/our house at night and be treated as a part of the family as a domesticated family pet.

I/ we accept full responsibility for the animal's actions at all times and release Michele Clarke  Wandering Angels Animal Sanctuary from any liabilities or damages that may be incurred because of fostering.

I /we agree that Michele Clarke  Wandering  Angels Animal Sanctuary will not be held accountable or liable in any way for any damages incurred y any animal in my care and that I assume all responsibility to repair or replace any damaged items fixtures, fittings and have adequate content insurance cover to meet any damage that may occur.

I /We agree to have Wandering Angels complete reference check and property check to assist in completing this foster application process.

I/We understand that if Wandering Angels Animal Sanctuary at any stage of the foster care has concerns about the health, welfare, and safety of any of the animals in our care Wandering Angels has the right to uplift the animals and return to the Sanctuary. If I/we do not comply and failure to hand over the foster animals /animals may result in Police action.

I / We agree to adhere to any guidelines, procedures, and training techniques that are communicated to me/us by Wandering Angels Animal Sanctuary for the foster animals in our care will be followed.

In sending this electronically I acknowledge that I have completely read and understand this agreement.

I agree and certify that the information i have completed is correct and I understand that the information will e verified and that I/we are over the age of 18 years.

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