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LUCY'S PLIGHT: From Despair to Delight

In a world that has gone crazy, with so much happening animal cruelty and neglect is just one of the terrible human behaviours that rescues have to clean up the mess time and time again! When you talk to someone who rescues they will share with you the sad stories of these animals and their plight and there is often a deep feeling of sadness when you are constantly picking up the pieces and tidying up someone else’s mess and you say to yourself Why am I doing this? Then you have the days like yesterday and it’s the most rewarding part of rescue for me when our Wandering Angels are no longer wandering as they find their forever family and they are angels who now belong with their people!

It’s the start of a journey that you helped them find and that it is so heartwarming it can make you cry !!!! Tears of joy and a feeling of great joy as you grab your camera and take pictures of this new family so you can share it with the world and pictures that you will hold in your hearts forever! Yesterday we said farewell to our beautiful old girl Lucy!

Lucy was sent to us from a shelter as the staff believed she was a beautiful soul who needed saving so we picked her up and to add to the mix she was heavily pregnant at the age of 10. Five days later Lucy gave birth to 5 beautiful pups and wow what a good Mumma she was to those pups! Lucy mothered and protected her babies and they have now either been adopted or are in foster care.

So now it was Lucy’s turn to find a home and sometimes people don’t want older dogs as they are not sure they can handle perhaps having the dog for a short length of time in their life and I understand this! Then there are the people like Lucy’s new mum and dad who just want to give a dog a loving home and especially one that is so very deserving as she is in her golden years so why not let her enjoy those last few years!

Lucy met her new mum and dad and it was love at first sight by both parties. They have been preparing to take in a dog and had everything all set up. Yesterday I was lucky enough to stand and take pictures to share with you all as I said goodbye to Lucy as she embarked on a wonderful journey of love and adventure out in her new home in the countryside These are pictures I’m sharing with you today and they are also the pictures I will have in my heart forever! This is what keeps us going and gets us through the tough times in rescuing. These are the days that I just love, these are the days I say to myself “This is why you do this !” These are the moments I will forever cherish as you have helped an animal find their happy place.

These are the moments I wanted to share with you and thank you all for adopting a rescue dog and giving it a second chance. Go well our beautiful Wandering Angel Lucy who is no longer a wandering as you have found your people and you deserve it and thanks guys for loving her you are simply the best earth angels.

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