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I Wish I Could Save Them all....But I Just Cant!

Today I lay to rest one of the angels that didn't make it yesterday and passed away in my arms. I feel heartbroken and tired as its just a continuous journey of picking up the pieces of peoples irresponsible actions . You become angry , saddened , totally frustrated just a mix of emotions and you have to tell yourself to try not to become bitter and angry as you have too focus on these animals that need our help.

So I'm writing this for all the little angels who have passed over and we couldn't save and also for the ones we have saved and are now embarking on their new lives .

In the last 12 weeks we have had an influx of puppies and an increase of heartache, joy, tears , just a roller coaster of emotions.... the majority of these angels that came into our care were in a bad way.

We have had the worm burdened puppies, parvo puppies, malnourished puppies, puppies passing pieces of garden hose and clumps of human hair in their stools, flea and mite ridden babies. and puppies so badly malnourished they can hardly carry themselves. We are not always sure of their background we just know we need to the best we can to show them love and care for them the best we can.

I have spent many hours racing to the vets or setting a room up as our isolation area and tending to sick pups through the night. Worrying about these little angels and giving them a much love and care as possible hoping they make it.

It is not always enough and some of these little babies don't make it and this is the part of rescue that can be soul destroying and you will always do your best to save them, however the reality is there are angels that will leave us far too early and every time you hold them in your arms telling them you love them and you watch as they take their last breath and leave you devastated and heart broken because you know they didn't deserve it and you also know there will be more like this the will be yet again let down by humans.

So for the angels that we couldn't save and have left us I will remind myself of the ones we saved and two of the lucky ones are Phoebe and Chief who came into our care end of August.

Phoebe who was the worst of the two could hardly walk due to being so badly malnourished and full of worms. They both had parvo and we raced them off to the vets and some days later they came home where we have nurtured them back to healthy little puppies that can now find their forever homes and enjoy the lives they deserve.

It has been a long journey for them both and I shed some more tears when I farewelled them last week as they made the next step in their journey to a new life as I put them on the pet bus to our lovely fosterer Brie in Cromwell.

These two pups are the most loving little pups, they really are little characters and they deserve loving homes. They have learnt to socialise with the dogs up here pups ,older dogs and many different animals that live here. The sweetest babies, the lucky ones that made it , the ones that you look at and then you know why you do this because you say to yourself....You can't save them all Michele, however you can give it a damn good try and these are the ones you can watch flourish and find the happiness again as you remind yourself ...THIS IS WHY I RESCUE !

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