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So How Could You Just Dump your Dog a piece of Garbage?

Today I wanted to share with you one of our most heart warming stories, as we launch into Christmas holiday season and one of our angels is going to have a wonderful Christmas ...and boy does he deserve that and more!

Mitch came into our care a while ago and he was covered in mange, skinny, scared, continually barking and very disruptive with the other dogs.

He had been found dumped out the back of an industrial area and trying to fend for himself.

Luckily the Animal Control officer that picked him up knew he could be saved and had so much faith in this boy, so after he had done his time at the pound ,we took him in.

Mitch arrived scared, very under weight, recovering from mange and had no manners what so ever.

He clearly had never been socialised with other dogs and maybe not with too many humans,

So the journey began and we started from scratch. He had to learn about the difference between inside and outside and that outside is for toilet, manners, socialising and the list goes on.

At the time I had one particular person that used to pop in and help and I vividly remember the day she said "He needs to go you can't rehome that !"

Well, if you are reading this post I hope you learn something and that is We Never Give Up on these Angels!

We managed to crate train, toilet train and socialise Mitch and get him starting to put on some weight.

He is a beautiful boy and has now gone onto the next step of his journey with one of our lovely foster families...Here is what they have to say about Mitch ....

Mitch came into our foster home as a happy, handsome young dog. Being underweight he devours his kibble but respectfully lays quietly in his crate while we eat. His mouth usually contains a soft toy, ball or sock and he can happily entertain himself playing with these, but prefers playing with a human or dog. He likes to chase a ball in the garden and usually does several zoomy laps around the fence line, just happy to be alive. Most of all Mitch love’s affection. We are trying to teach him not to jump up for “standing” hugs, but he craves physical contact. He will settle on the couch for snuggle time and is desperate to shower you in faces kisses. Once he’s used all his energy up he takes himself off for nap time, occasionally putting himself in his crate, which is where he happily retires to at night. Walkies are always enjoyable. Mitch is very enthusiastic to meet other dogs, but can be a little shy around new people he meets out and about. He walks well on the leash, happy to explore all the smells. Mitch is everything you could want from a dog. He is happy, healthy and huggy.i

Mitch you deserve nothing but the best and we will ensure that you never end up being dumped like a piece of garbage ever again.

We are now going to watch you have the best life ever and possibly your first very Merry Loving Christmas ever ...because you deserve that and so much more xxx

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